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$50 H2O Wireless 4G Lte BOLT 10GB Plan: 30 Days
H2O Wireless $50 BOLT 4G LTE 10GB Plan : 30 Days

ONLY Compatiable with new 4G LTE devices! See Below
Our Price: $50.00

Product Code: H2OBOLT50LTE

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H2O Wireless BOLT 10GB Plan: 10 GB all 4G Lte Speed $50 30 Days
(5GB LTE-5GB 128kbps)

  1. 4G speeds give you instant gratification on all your internet needs. Browse the web, download, check your e-mails; there are no limits!
  2. Use H2O BOLTSM in your home, quick plug & play set up. Installation takes a few minutes no appointments or wires necessary
  3. Enjoy blazing fast speed internet everywhere in the H2O BOLTSM coverage, so you feel free to pick up and go as you please.

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